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William D. Frye, Ph.D., CHE, CHO, CHIA, is a Visiting Associate Professor in the Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management at James Madison University and co-author of AHLEI’s housekeeping textbook Managing Housekeeping Operations.

Cart Prepping for Efficiency

A well-organized and well-stocked housekeeping cart is the key to efficiency. It enables room attendants to avoid wasting time looking for a cleaning item or making trips back to the linen room for more...

Meth Labs: A Dangerous Hotel Challenge

Methamphetamine manufacturers often seek to “cook” meth in hotel and motel rooms because it provides them an enclosed, private environment that they can abandon on a moment’s notice. Meth manufacturing in hotels is a...
housekeeping safety

Finding Housekeeping Employees

A hotel without a reliable and consistent housekeeping staff will likely experience diminished cleanliness, face lower quality assurance scores from inspectors, be subjected to higher labor and training costs due to frequent employee turnover,...
housekeeping safety

The Evolution of Housekeeping

As LODGING celebrates its 40th anniversary, we can reflect on the changes to hotel housekeeping that have occurred during this time period. Though not driven solely by technology, there have been some noticeable transformations...

Top Five Overlooked Tasks When Cleaning Guestrooms

When room attendants are centrally focused on cleaning the more visible living areas of the guestrooms, some items may go overlooked. Here are the top five tasks room attendants often fail to complete when...