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With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Tammy Gillis, founder and CEO of Gillis, launched her sales career with Hilton Hotels and spent 10 years in various sales leadership roles. Tammy’s entrepreneurial drive led her to start a hospitality consulting and training company in 2013. She saw a gap in how salespeople were being onboarded into the industry and felt they were not being set up for success.

What Do Prospecting and Escape Rooms Have in Common?

Whether online or in-person, the goal of Escape Rooms is to unlock each room to move onto the next level. Doing so correctly will ultimately lead to success. But in order to do it...
Money puzzle

Strategies for Checking Up on Sales Efforts

A lot has happened over the past several decades with regards to sales in the hospitality industry. From staffing shortages and the difficulty in holding on to good salespeople, to the dependency on OTAs...