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Robert Kravitz is a frequent writer for hotel and hospitality publications. He can be reached at robert.kravitz@outlook.com.
woman washing hands in restroom

Hotel Restrooms in the Post-COVID Era

For decades, it was fashionable for many traditional South Korean homes to have a sink installed next to the front door. This allowed guests to wash their hands before entering the house and again...
Cleanup when guests get sick

What to Do If Guests Get Sick in Shared Spaces

In August of 2014, 100 British tourists were staying at an Egyptian resort. Many of the visitors were concerned when a buffet was served that, according to their reports, had “dirty buffet food containers,...

How to Handle Thirdhand Smoke

While some of the largest hotel chains in the United States—along with scores of other chains that are not so large—have gone totally smoke-free, the fact remains that many travelers do smoke and want...