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Kingside Bar

The Gerber Group Sets a New Course for Food and Beverage

Scott Gerber, principal and CEO of the Gerber Group, has done something many thought was impossible: He got New Yorkers excited about going to the airport. Gerber helped to turn JFK Airport into a destination...
Dr. Jonathan Leary (left) and Remedy Place COO Rhyce Lein (right) (Photo credit: Gurminder Banga)

IV Drips and Live Music: Dr. Jonathan Leary Is Changing How Hotel Guests Recharge

At one time, it was new and exciting for hotels to offer a room service menu featuring cheeseburgers and cold drinks to guests looking to unwind at the end of a long day. But...
Mark Lewis-Brown - Vertical Booking USA

Vertical Booking USA Looks to Even Playing Field With OTAs

For many years, hotels lost ground to online travel agents due in large part to the fact that OTAs just offered a better user experience and concentrated more resources on developing and marketing their...

How Gamification Can Help Hoteliers Keep Employees Engaged and Improve Their Business

The key to developing a more engaged and skilled staff may be a little fun and games. Instead of simply teaching housekeeping staff what a clean room is supposed to look like, one hotel...
Graduate Hotels

How AJ Capital is Developing a Unique Value Proposition

The idea of a college-themed hotel screams kitsch and pennants and banners, but you won’t find any of that near Graduate Hotels, a new line of lifestyle-centric boutique hotels popping up in college towns...