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AJ Capital Partners Launches Graduate Hotels

CHICAGO, Ill.—AJ Capital Partners today announced the launch of Graduate Hotels—a new hotel collection targeting college markets across America that celebrates each respective town’s local culture and history.

Each Graduate Hotel will be part of a well-curated, thoughtfully crafted collection of hotels that reside in the most unique college towns across the country. The brand’s first two locations, Tempe, Ariz., and Athens, Ga., are slated to open October 2014 with additional locations including Oxford, Miss.; Madison, Wis.; Charlottesville, Va.; Bloomington, In.; and Raleigh, N.C. over the next year.

“We wanted to create an inspiring environment where alumni, current and prospective students, parents, professors, visitors, and business travelers alike can see themselves spending time and feel a sense of place that’s true to the town,” said Ben Weprin, founder of AJ Capital Partners. “Each property will have its own flair that reflects the personality of each community while also fitting into the national scheme and concept of our brand as a whole.”

“The consistency of our brand lies in celebrating the uniqueness of each town,” added Christian Strobel, president of Graduate Hotels. “Through our travels and research, we’ve spoken to locals and alums and experienced what makes each of these classic American cities so loved, from the quirky traditions passed down over generations, to local haunts and the people that bring them to life. Graduate Hotels will be a true lifestyle hotel experience unlike anything currently offered in these markets.”

From imaginatively appointed guestrooms and animated lobbies accented by coffee shops and bars, to locally-inspired art collections, Graduate Hotels will offer a hand-crafted experience. The public spaces will establish each property as a community living room, making each location a place where campus and community thrive together.