AHLEI Adds Unconscious Bias Suite for Employees, Managers

Hospitality Certifications

CHICAGO—Welcoming all kinds of people is the heart of hospitality, so awareness of unconscious bias is necessary for hospitality operations to build a positive business reputation and retain workers.

Understanding Unconscious Bias in Hospitality is a new online training suite developed by the National Restaurant Association in conjunction with the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance (MFHA) and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). As part of the ServSafe Workplace platform, this training educates learners about unconscious bias with hospitality industry-specific examples presented through modules for employees and managers.

“The hospitality industry is as diverse as the communities we serve,” said Sherman L. Brown, executive vice president of training and certification for the National Restaurant Association. “Increasing awareness of unconscious bias and its effects, and equipping our people with the tools they need to manage bias, is essential to the success of our industry.”

The training serves as a springboard to heighten awareness of unconscious bias, which will help hospitality employees and managers interact more fairly and mindfully with guests and one another.


Topics in the 30-minute employee program include:

  • Defining unconscious bias and the many forms it can take
  • Understanding the impact that bias can have on interactions with guests and fellow employees
  • Understanding how to conduct oneself with a greater fairness and an awareness of others’ perspectives

The managers’ training includes an additional 30 minutes of information on:

  • Proactively and reactively managing situations in which bias occurs
  • Managing employee interactions to promote a fair, respectful, and inclusive workplace
  • Learning how to deal with difficult situations to minimize impact on the business

In addition to the online training content, managers and trainers will have access to a variety of complimentary resources to help them continue training through pre-shift lessons. Resources include breakroom posters, videos, and a discussion guide.

“Bias can impact all aspects of American business,” said Gerry A. Fernandez, MFHA president and founder. “Successful leaders in the industry are ready to learn what bias is, how it works, and how unconscious bias ties into recruiting, leadership development, and customer service.”

Understanding Unconscious Bias in Hospitality has versions for managers or employees, English or Spanish, volume pricing, and bundling with other programs in the ServSafe Workplace suite.

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