TechnologyA Fresh Perspective: Transformation in the Digital Age of Hospitality

A Fresh Perspective: Transformation in the Digital Age of Hospitality

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation for businesses of all sizes, and the hospitality sector is no exception. Applications such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and high-speed internet are helping hoteliers place an emphasis on expanding their digital footprint, which will continue to shape how the industry caters to guests now and in the future. Hotel guests can now walk into a property and have a truly contactless check-in and check-out experience. Beyond the lobby, mobile applications are now the norm across the industry, and with faster internet connectivity, guests can navigate their needs at the click of a button. Technologies like AI and machine learning, with a 5G boost, can even enable the delivery of real-time personalized recommendations for dining, excursions, and vacation packages based on the guest’s personal profile and travel history with the hotel.

Faster Speeds

With download speeds up to one gigabit per second, 5G technology can allow hotel owners to quickly interact with employees and customers while providing them the support they need to run multiple devices simultaneously. While connectivity has become one of the benefits when upgrading to a 5G network, the entire industry can benefit from additional use cases including the ability to process and download large documents quickly, stream videos in HD, and conduct video conferencing calls with consumers with fewer frozen faces.

Additionally, enhanced smart room technology means that room temperature, lights, shades, TV, and other in-room amenities can be totally unified and controllable through guests’ mobile apps. An example is using voice assistant technology to order room service and book other hotel activities and services through voice recognition. Using 5G connectivity can revolutionize these practices while making them more efficient for the industry to implement at large and small properties alike.

The Hybrid Age

As the pandemic forced companies to rethink their workplace strategy, more employees are either working in a remote or hybrid environment than ever before. The challenges of collaboration for workers on the go and who may no longer come into the physical office space can be overcome by remote tools powered by faster 5G technology. And as business travel continues to pick up, the need for comfortable workspaces on the go will be a selling point to customers when they seek out business travel accommodations.

Hoteliers who begin to adopt 5G technology will be able to provide a faster yet reliable network for their customers. The new technology can allow customers to gain access to various hotspots where they will be met with both faster network speeds and strong, reliable internet connections to help make their experience more enjoyable.

The New Wave of Technology

Overall, the impact that 5G is expected to have on the hospitality sector are crucial when it comes to transforming the customer experience and bringing the next level of technological advancements forward. As hotels continue to adopt 5G connectivity solutions and enabled devices, business owners and consumers can expect to see great impacts when it comes to performance, reliability, and the overall digital experience.

About the Author

David Hickey is vice president of west business markets for Verizon Business.

David Hickey
David Hickey
Dave Hickey is Vice President of the West Business Markets where he oversees all Mid-Markets business sales for Verizon Business. Dave joined Verizon in 2000 as a Business Account Executive and has held various roles within the organization, including Major Account Manager, Business Sales Manager, Associate Director, and Director of SMB, Retail, Enterprise, and Government.