2011 Innovators: Stonehill & Taylor, Designers, Hyatt House

In September, when Hyatt Hotels Corporation introduced Hyatt House, the rebranding of 38 Hyatt Summerfield Suites and 16 Hotel Sierra properties it acquired from LodgeWorks, it promised something different for the extended-stay market. Designing that fresh look fell to architecture and interior design firm Stonehill & Taylor, and the firm delivered with a contemporary concept.

“We were looking to create a sort of contemporary vacation house,” says Mike Suomi, principal and vice president of design and development at the firm.

The centerpiece of the design is a large lounge, which offers a place to do everything from eating breakfast, to socializing, to watching TV. The purpose of creating a different type of space for the extended-stay brand is two-fold, according to Suomi. “One is create brand differentiation. The other is to meet the needs of guests today, because they’ve changed in the extended-stay space from what existed pre-recession.”

The lounge also includes an innovative “H Bar,” which is an island bar wrapped around a large section sofa.


“Our goal was to simply create a different kind of product,” Suomi says.

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