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Sheraton New York Times Square

Sheraton New York Times Square

The Sheraton New York Times Square recently revealed a $20 million renovation that has transformed the hotel’s 60,000 square feet of meeting and event spaces. Design firm Wilson Associates crafted a clean, fresh design scheme with an emphasis on light, warm tones and geometric patterns. Michael Brown, a designer at Wilson Associates, says the circular motif evokes a sense of fluidity, drawing guests from one space to the next. “The whole inspiration behind the design was that the hotel is in the middle of this bustling area of the city, so it’s all about urban feel and movement,” Brown says. “That’s why we chose a lot of those circular patterns in the light fixtures and carpets to create a sense of movement throughout the space and have it be really dynamic.”

The custom designed carpets play up reds, warmer tones, and a mix of neutrals. “Everything was really dark before in the meeting spaces. There was a lot of navy blue that was really heavy, so when you went in there it felt really oppressive. We lightened it a lot and changed it to red so it would be more exciting.”

Large-scale chandeliers with glass crystals brighten up the ballroom and add a touch of sparkle. “The client really wanted a wow factor with the lighting.”

Molded wall panels add depth and visual interest to such a large space. “There used to be mirrors and it just felt really dated, so we wanted something that would reinforce our circular concept. We found this really great stiff panel material that has a circular pattern.”

“We did fabric-wrapped panels on the rest of the walls so the space didn’t reverberate. We didn’t want it to be chaotic, we wanted it to be simple and clean and serene to draw your eyes to the carpets and chandeliers.”

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