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Security Lacking at Las Vegas Hotels

Just because casinos in Sin City have some of the most advanced security in the world doesn’t mean that the guestroom corridors in casino hotels are equally equipped.

In fact, according to this report from the Business Insider, 23 of the major 27 casino resorts in Las Vegas do not have surveillance in hotel hallways or elevator landings. The figures were researched and reported by the Associated Press.

Experts say that the lack of security cameras in corridor hallways, stairways, and elevators can lead to petty crimes such as room thefts. But other cases have been more severe and include crimes such as rape and assault, with many of the alleged perpetrators going unnoticed by taking the stairs and heading to guestroom floors.

One of the reasons that the majority of the hotels have not installed additional security devices is cost. These systems, even at a mid-sized hotel can cost millions to install and can cost nearly $100,000 a year to monitor.

More over on Business Insider.

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