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Renovated Gettysburg Hotel Lobby

Renovated Gettysburg Hotel Lobby

The Gettysburg Hotel’s recently completed a multi-million dollar facelift to update the historic property with an upscale identity. Jennifer Farris, interior designer at Baskervill, the firm that led the overhaul, says the new look lobby features a residential style that meshes together traditional lines with a mix of trendy textures and patterns. “We didn’t want the design to have a historic preservation feel,” she says. “Our goal was to blend the time periods and the styles with more contemporary pieces to give the hotel a fresh look.”

“The framed map is a historical piece that we found in the archives of Getty Images. It depicts the exact cross section where the hotel is today. We layered contemporary color-blocking ideas over the existing map to tie it into the space.”

“The use of hand-scraped walnut hardwood floors was critical for us. It helped set the tone of walking into someone’s vestibule instead of a cold, tiled hotel lobby.”

“The chairs have a rounded, traditional feel but we put some unexpected fabrics and patterns on them to make everything bright, clean, and modern.”

The renovation knocked down a brick wall to open up the lobby to the new restaurant, One Lincoln. The space takes its cues from the 16th U.S. President with copper accents and a custom Gettysburg Address wall graphic. “We tried to take historic elements and think about them differently,” Farris says. “The wall graphic is something unexpected.”

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