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Executives from the travel and lodging industries voiced concerns at the New York Times Travel Show about the Trump administration’s relationship with Mexico, fearing that the unwelcoming environment is pushing Mexican travelers to visit other countries. For more information, click here.

Following the president’s executive order to restrict immigration, shares fell in Europe and Asia on Monday and the dollar weakened against the yen. The policy move has renewed concerns in some markets about the potential economic impact of protectionism and a trade war with China. To read more, click here.

A resort in Austria was targeted in a series of hacks, one of which involved compromising electronic smart locks on guestrooms. The hack prevented guests from accessing their rooms and staff from issuing new cards. The hackers have not yet been identified. This attack shows that, while progressing all the time, smart locks are still vulnerable. To read more, click here.

At the Americas Lodging Investment Summit, Trump Hotels CEO Eric Danziger shared the company’s ambitions to eventually have a presence in all 26 major metropolitan areas in the United States. Amid calls for President Trump to divest his business holdings, an expansion could spark more controversy. To read more, click here.

Around 6 million Chinese are expected to travel outside the country this Chinese New Year, with family travel cited as the fastest-growing segment. While bookings to Europe were up by 56 percent for Chinese New Year travel, Asian destinations are still getting the biggest share. For other trends, click here.

A growing number of travel companies, such as Westin and HomeAway, are taking an atypical approach to marketing by acknowledging the disruption that vacations or business trips can bring to people’s everyday routines. The tactic can make a brand seem more credible. Read more here.

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