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Supply is expected to outpace demand in major Texas markets like Dallas and Austin, and even demand for Houston hotels is slowing. However, San Antonio hotels are expected to report higher than average RevPAR by the end of 2017, signaling what might just be the state’s next hot hotel market. Read more.

New Hotspot 2.0 standards for public WiFi networks could improve guests’ online experiences by seamlessly switching their mobile network to a hotel’s WiFi without entering credentials each time. However, because many hoteliers don’t see that extra step as a problem, they are slow to adopt the new standards. Read more.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made a splash across all sorts of industries and hospitality is no exception. Hotels are increasingly incorporating internet-enabled devices and tools to enhance and personalize guest experiences and make their properties run more efficiently. From energy-saving in-room thermostats to mobile speaker paging, read about the ways that the IoT is changing the industry and increasing hotels’ profits here.

Hundreds of extended-stay properties are under development or opening across the U.S. as the in-demand niche rapidly grows. According to STR, this business-traveler focused segment has grown 5.7 percent in property size and 6.3 percent in available rooms, yet fills only 3 percent of the hotel marketplace. Read more.

A study by the GBTA Foundation on corporate sustainability found that sustainability is important to travelers who are researching hotels. By looking towards greener options in their supply line and expanding sustainability initiatives within corporate organizations, hoteliers may be able to bring in more guests. Read more.

Travel and hospitality businesses focus heavily on evolving technology to make improvements to the guest experience. However, implementing new technology can threaten global distribution systems that have been in place and have historically served as a base for new interfaces and platforms. Read more.

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