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Indianapolis Hotels Subjects of Surprise Inspections

Police and fire officials in Indianapolis conducted a day-long surprise inspection of hotels on Oct. 9, and issued several citations, according to this report from The Indy Channel (RTV6).

The officials randomly visited 18 properties in the city looking for health, fire, and code violations. Numerous citations were handed out for issues including non-working smoke detectors, structural issues, and exposed wiring. Inspectors also found bed bugs at several of the sites.

One hotelier, John Newton who owns the Indy Hotel, said he was fined for not having a hotel license. Newton told RTV6 that he never knew he needed a license, and has been running the hotel in the city without one for 10 years.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. William Carter told the news source: “If people come from out of town to the city, we want them to feel like where they are staying is both clean and safe.”

More over on The Indy Channel.

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