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G6 Hospitality Launches Mobile App

G6 Hospitality Launches Mobile App

DALLAS, Texas—G6 Hospitality, known for its iconic economy lodging brands, Motel 6 and Studio 6 in the U.S. and Canada, and Hotel 6 and Estudio 6 in Latin America, today announced the launch of its new ‘My 6’ mobile application. Built with Prolific Interactive, a mobile-focused product agency in Brooklyn and San Francisco, the new app enhances the booking experience across all G6 Hospitality brands, and enables guests to reserve a room in just three simple taps. All travelers who download and make a reservation through ‘My 6’ will enjoy savings of 10 percent discount for any qualified stay through 2017.

The ‘My 6’ app is available for both Android and iPhone users, and offers easy navigation, an ultra-fast, vibrant interface and convenient use of Apple Pay. Personalized user experience is enhanced with location-based services, as the GPS-enabled app provides real-time information and recommendations on nearby restaurants, events, attractions and exclusive offers.

“We worked with Prolific to create a mobile app that would offer customers a smarter, more personalized and interactive experience. I believe that the new ‘My 6’ app captures all those qualities,” said Lance Miceli, chief marketing officer of G6 Hospitality. “With the complete overhaul of our digital ecosystem, including the launch of our new Motel6.com website this past year, we are thrilled to now offer an additional platform to enhance guest experience through the ‘My 6’ app’s convenient booking process, which will also provide guests with location-based immersive experience recommendations.”

Booking a room at any of the brand’s more than 1,350 locations has never been easier and is now available at travelers’ fingertips anywhere, anytime. “Through our partnership with G6 Hospitality, we were able to create a thoughtful, intuitive, mobile experience that allows users to book rooms quickly and continue on their journey,” said Bobak Emamian, CEO of Prolific Interactive. “The ‘My 6’ app offers guests the ability to search by location, view pictures of the property, select a room type and even obtain travel directions. It also provides access to existing reservations and the ability to develop and modify a user profile.”

As part of the brand’s effort to continue building guest loyalty and establishing consumer satisfaction, last February 2015, G6 Hospitality launched its new Motel6.com. Similar to the ‘My 6’ app, the site redesign offers easy adaptability, a more personalized user experience, and efficient booking process. Compared to this time last year, the economy lodging leader has seen an increase in conversion rates by 59 percent.

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