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Next Steps for Google Trips

Google’s director of travel, Eric Zimmerman, recently said at the WebInTravel Conference in Singapore that the company has not yet thought about monetizing Google Trips, the new free travel app launched this year. However, many believe that money-making capabilities are forthcoming. To ...

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Marriott-Starwood Has Execs Talking Consolidation

Following the Marriott-Starwood merger, many hoteliers feel more consolidation is inevitable, with certain brands expected to eventually die out in the process. To read what some of the biggest executives have to say, click here.

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Water Consumption Increases Globally

VISTA, Calif.—Water consumption is increasing all around the world. The impetus for this increase is due primarily to the following three reasons: 1. Worldwide population growth. 2. The “urbanization” of countries around the globe. As populations become more urbanized, the ...

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Ways for Small Hotels to Boost Bookings

Nearly half of travelers would be most likely to book direct if a hotel offered an incentive, such as a room upgrade or free room service, according to a recent study. To increase bookings, small hotels can also arrange OTA ...

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Trump Intends to Reverse U.S.-Cuba Relations

Since December 2014, the United States and Cuba have been working to normalize relations, opening up a new wave tourism opportunities for the hotel industry. Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted that he intends to reverse the Obama administration’s ...

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Study Examines Social Media Presence

A new study on the social media presence of luxury hotels and brands shows that the Dorchester Collection has the highest average number of followers per property. L.I.K.E. Consulting reports that Peninsula Hotels ranked second, while W Hotels placed third. ...

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