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Keeping Today’s Brands Relevant Tomorrow

As the hotel industry evolves to meet shifting consumer demands, so must brands to stay relevant in a competitive landscape. Hotels must define their brands for the future – what guest segments they will serve, what content and experiences those ...

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Labor Costs on the Rise

With the current building boom and a dearth of available skilled laborers, the cost of construction labor has been steadily on the rise. While it can have a dramatic impact on building costs, it is not entirely unexpected. Whenever the economy ...

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98 Percent Of People Find Online Reviews Reliable

ReportLinker, a data company that simplifies how analysts get industry data, conducted a survey to answer three questions: Do people trust online reviews more than their friends? Do they read reviews before buying a product or visiting a place? What ...

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Moody’s Releases U.S. Earnings Growth Forecast

Moody’s reports on recently released U.S. lodging and cruise data. Key highlights include: Expectations remain stable for the industry, with Moody’s analysts anticipating adjusted EBITDA to grow 4 percent to 6 percent in 2017—a slower growth rate than the robust 9.4 ...

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The Importance of Data Scientists in Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is at the top of most—if not all—of the big hotel companies’ priorities. These companies’ efforts to improve and enhance loyalty have turned a spotlight on a job that has previously gotten little attention: Data scientists. Through online ...

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