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AH&LA Shakes Up Governmental Affairs Department

Since Katherine Lugar came on as the new president and CEO of the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA), she’s instituted big changes. She is rolling out the organization’s new membership model and has pushed lobbying in Washington to the top of the priority list.

And according to this article from The Hill, Lugar has decided to shake up the department of governmental affairs. Longtime lobbyists for the group—Lisa Costello, Kevin Maher, and Shawn McBurney—are no longer in the mix. Instead, Lugar has said that Vanessa Sinders, who joined AH&LA as the senior vice president of governmental affairs in September, will be the main point of contact for those issues.

In an email obtained by The Hill, Lugar wrote: “We have redefined the roles and skills needed in the government affairs department, and we have taken steps to streamline areas on the operational side of the house.”

Chris Burgoyne will remain in charge of AH&LA’s grassroots operation and its political action committee, HotelPAC. Kaitlyn Boecker has been hired as manager for government affairs, according to Lugar.

More over on The Hill.

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