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A Look at 10 Abandoned Hotels

A Look at 10 Abandoned Hotels

When we think about hotels, glitz, glamour, and comfort immediately come to mind. Hotels are a home-away-from-home, a place of respite while traveling for business, or a trendy place to hang out and grab a cocktail. But what happens when hotels, or unfinished hotel projects remained abandoned?

CNN posted a pretty cool look ten of the world’s abandoned hotels.

The properties range from the unfinished Sheraton Rarotonga resort located on the Cook Islands that halted construction in the 1980s when financial backers pulled out of the project, to the famed Ryugyong Hotel located in North Korea, which set out to be the world’s tallest hotel, but wound up as a construction nightmare.

Other abandoned properties include the deteriorating Lee Plaza hotel in Detroit, Igloo City in Alaska, and the Sofitel Heiva, located in French Polynesia.

Head over to CNN for a closer look at the abandoned properties.

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